Bulk Personal Note

Custom notes are a perfect way to show that you are willing to give a personal touch when it comes to others. With a classic representation of your church or organization, no one will be able to mistake whom the message is from when sending  a visitor welcome, birthday or anniversary wish, a memorial thank you, or just a note to let someone know they are in your thoughts.

Notes printed on 70# White Felt or 60# Cream Paper in Sepia Brown or Black Ink.
(Other ink colors available at an additional charge. Contact us for pricing.)

A combination of blank notes and one or more Standard Messages are available. For example, if you order 500 notes and want 250 blank and 250 with one of the standard messages, there is an additional cost for the changes to the press. If you want your own message, there is a modest typesetting fee.

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Bulk Personal Notes

Notes can also be ordered in Prepacked or Pack-It-Yourself Pak-ettes which are ideal for fundraising.

Bulk Personal Note Prices
Quantity White Cream
500 $ 188.55 $ 196.14
600 $ 216.79 $ 225.68
700 $ 245.03 $ 255.22
800 $ 273.27 $ 284.76
900 $ 301.51 $ 314.30
1,000 $ 329.75 $ 343.84
Up to 1,400 Add'l Cards $ 28.24/100 Add'l Cards $ 29.54/100

Add $75.00 if new sketch is required. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice.
Shipping will be added to invoice — F.O.B., Johnson Creek, WI 53038